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There are 7 players per team. 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 1 Goalkeeper, and 1 Seeker.

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7 is the right answer. Don't listen to 13 or 9.

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Q: How many players are on a Quidditch team?
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What are offensive players on a Quidditch team called?

The Chasers.

How many Seekers are on a Quidditch team?

There is only one Seeker on a Quidditch team.

How many players are on two Quidditch teams?

There's seven on each team, so fourteen total.

How many players are on a Quidditch team and what positions do they play?

7 players 3 chasers 2 beaters 1 keeper 1 seeker

How many beaters are in a Quidditch team?


How do you get on the Quidditch team on Pottermore?

You cannot join the Quidditch team on Pottermore.

How many Quidditch players were on all the house teams at Hogwarts?

Each team had a Seeker, a Keeper, two Beaters and three Chasers. Seven players on each team. And there are 4 teams for a total of 28 people.

What team did Ginny play Quidditch for?

Ginny Weasly was in Griffindor. So like all Griffindor Quidditch players, she played for Griffindor.Later she plays for the Holyhead Harpies

What are the different players in quidditch?

There are seven players per quidditch team.three chaserstwo beatersone seekerone keeper

What name of team where Ginny played quidditch?

Griffindore House Quidditch Team

On a Quidditch team there are seven players One Keeper one Seeker three Chasers and two beaters?

That is correct.

What does the bludger do in the game quidditch on harry potter?

The bludger tries to knock players from the opposing team off of their brooms.

Are there 28 Quidditch players on all the house teams at Hogwarts?

Yes, there are 7 players on a Quidditch team and 4 teams at Hogwarts. 7 multiplied by 4 equals 28. Those players are; 1 Keeper, 1 Seeker, 3 Chasers and 2 Beaters. One player on each team is also the captain.

What team did Viktor Krum play with in The Quidditch World Cup?

The Bulgarian National Quidditch team

What are the names of the players on the Montrose Magpie's Quidditch team?

A full team is unknown but the following are known players;Hamish MacFarlan - Team CaptainEunice Murray - SeekerLennox Campbell - SeekerAlasdair Maddock - ChaserAngus Campbell - ChaserFabius Watkins - Chaser

Is Ron Weasley on the Quidditch team?

Yes, Ron makes the Gryffindor Quidditch Team as keeper in his fifth year.

How many players are on a soccerball team?

how many players are on a soccer ball team

How many players are for Kho-Kho team?

There are 12 players in a Kho- Kho team.

How many players on a netball team?

There are 7 players on each team.

How many players on a hurling team?

There are 15 players on a Hurling team.

How many players are there on a hurling team?

A standard team has 15 players.

How many players on a pro hockey team?

There are 22 players on a team

What are all the players called in quidditch?

The seeker, the keeper, and the passers

What is Harry's quidditch team called?

Harry plays Quidditch for Gryffindor, which is one of the Hogwarts houses.

Who is Ron Weasley's favorite Quidditch player?

His favourite Quidditch player is Viktor Krum, seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team. His favourite Quidditch team though is the Chudley Cannons. Chudley(Chudleigh) is found in Devon and near where the Burrow is located.