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There are eight teams in a quarter finals.

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Q: How many players are left at the quarter finals stage of a tournament?
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How many players are there left at the quarter final stage of a tournament?


How many players are left at the quarter final stage of a tournament?


How many players are left at the quarter final stage of. A tournament?


How many players are left at the quarterfinals stage of a tournament?

There are 8 teams left in the quarterfinal of a tournament.

How many rounds in the world cup soccer?

Group Stage Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final

Who played in the confed cup quarter final 09?

There were no quarter finals, it went straight from group stage to semi finals. In the semi finals, USA beat Spain 2-0 and Brazil beat South Africa 1-0.

Can the US play in the 2010 world cup?

Yes. They qualified for the finals tournament and played in the tournament. They topped their group in the group stage, but were knocked out by Ghana in the second round.

How many rounds are in the world cup?

Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter finals, Semi finals, Third-place play-off, Final

At what stage did England get knocked out of the 1962 FIFA World Cup?

England lost to Brazil in the quarter finals

How many teams will take part in the 2010 World Cup Finals?

32 in the group stage of 8 groups with 2 going through to the last 16 knockout followed by the quarter finals, semi-finals and final.

Can English teams clash in the champions league group stage?

English teams can face each other in the Champions league from the quarter finals stage. This is because after this stage, teams are drawn randomly to face each other.

How does Euro 2012 work?

Well there are firstly the group stages. Then the top 2 teams in their group go through to euro 2012. After this it is the knock-out stage, then the quarter finals, then the semi finals and then it is the final. And whoever wins the final wins euro 2012. :)

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