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There are 9 players on the field during softball.

  1. Pitcher
  2. Catcher
  3. 3rd Baseman
  4. 2nd Baseman
  5. 1st Baseman
  6. Shortstop
  7. Right Fielder
  8. Left Fielder
  9. Center Fielder
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Q: How many players are in the field while playing softball?
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Can you wear softball batting helmets while playing defense in the field?


Is makeup allowed while playing softball?

yes, makeup is allowed while playing softball. mostly depends on your coaches for what they prefer, but there are no rules saying you can't.

What is a good way to wear your hair while playing softball?

In a ponytail

Which players have hit the most homeruns while playing left field?

Ted Williams played primarily left field in his career, during which he hit 521 home runs.

How many calories do you burn an hour while playing softball?

Between 360 & 470

Where can you find a website for youth girls softball socks?

There are several websites that feature girls socks for youth softball leagues. These socks are long in design and help players keep warm while on the field. To find the right site or online store, simply speak to any softball or baseball coach. With years of experience, they will be able to connect you to the right website and prices.

Can 9 or 10 players bat in a softball game?

This depends on the sanctioning bodies rules you are playing under. Some allow up to 11 batters with the 2 additional batters being listed as extra players while recreational teams typically bat everyone.

Is it bad to fast while playing softball?

yes, fasting while you play softball is really not a good idea. But i guess it depends on what level youre on. if you play fastpitch, you need to eat otherwise you will faint.

Difference between softball rules and baseball rules?

essentially the games and rules are the same with a few differences. some softball is played with ten fielders the 10th usually being called a short center and playing between where the center fielder stands and where the 2nd base is placed. there are obvious pitching rules (softball is underhand pitch and baseball has no rule requiring a pitch to be underhanded or overhanded) another difference is that baseball players at all levels from local 9 yr old leagues to the MLB are required to wear a hat and to wear it bill forward while in the field and softball players do not have to do this (in some organized softball only the pitcher is allowed to not wear a hat or visor but most of the time no one has to).

How many player are allowed on the field at one time while playing softball?

Usually just 9, unless it's a younger league when they occassionally allow a tenth player in the field called a "rover" who usually stand somewhere around second base.

How could football players use technology to better understand their health?

for plato users the answer is B. they wear special devices that monmonitor their health while playing on the field

How many players are in hockey team?

There must be seven players in hockey team while playing a match.

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