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anywhere from 14-17 players

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Q: How many players are in a women's NCAA basketball team?
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How many NCAA basketball players play in the game at one time?

5 players for each team.

Could you lis division 1 Ncaa womens basketball teams?

There are many division 1 NCAA women's basketball teams. Some of these include the University of Florida, the University of California Berkley, and the University of Illinois.

How many basketball players in the NCAA mens basketball?

a large amount of people participate in in NCAA sports.

How many players are allowed by the NCAA on a men's college basketball team?

13 scholarship players but no limit on walk ons

How many NCAA Division I men's basketball players have recorded multiple triple-doubles in a single season?


Who is the basketball player in the NCAA basketball tournament?

there are so many player in NCAA,who are u talking about.

How many scholarship players are on a NCAA basketball team?

The NCAA allows each Division 1 Men's Basketball program 13 Scholarships and in Division 2, 10 are available. For Women's basketball 15 Scholarships are offered in Division 1 and 10 in Division 2. from

How many players does one basketball team contain?

A basketball team consists of 12 players. In the actual gameplay only 5 of these players play at a time.

How many NCAA men's basketball championships has Michigan won?

Michigan has won 1 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, in 1989.

Evan turner posted two triple-doubles during his junior campaign with the buckeyes how many ncaa division i men's basketball players?

34 (not 10)

How many NCAA basketball teams does Michigan have?


How many NCAA basketball team are there?