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Each side has 7 players - including one person 'in goal'.

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Q: How many players are in a water polo team?
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How many players are there on each team in water polo?

at least 7

How many players in a water polo team can be in the water at one time?

7 for each team including the goalie.

How many players in water polo?

7 on each team including the golie

How many players are needed to play Polo?

4 players on each team, or 3 on a team for arena polo.

How many players are they on a polo team?

There are 3-4 players in each team and there are two teams in a polo game

How many members are there in a water polo team?

There are up to 13 players is a water polo team, with 7 (6 outfield and 1 goal keeper) allowed in the water at any one time

How players are there in swimming?

Swimming is not a team sport so there are no players. If you mean how many athletes can swim together at a usual swimming lap, the answer is 8. If you mean how many players each team has in water polo, there are six players and the goalkeeper.

What sport has seven players on a team?

Water polo has a total of 7 players on a team. 6 players are on the field, and one is in goal.

How many players are there in a team of Polo?


How many players in polo team?


How many players are there in polo team?


How many players on a team in polo?


How many people in water polo?

There are 6 field players and 1 goal keeper on each team.

How many players does outdoor polo team have?

Two teams and four players on each team

How many players on an equestrian polo team?

4. Or 3 for arena polo.

How many players in a water polo game?

Fourteen players overall. Seven on each team. Six players and a goalie for each team. There are a numerous amount of substitutions because it is a very strenuous sport.

How many players are in water in a match of water polo?

there are 14 people in the pool, at least 7 including the goalie, on each team.

What sport has seven players to a team?

Water Polo has a goal keeper, and 6 outfield players for a total of 7 team members.

How do you improve the popularity of water polo?

To be honest, the future of Water Polo does not look good. Each year since 2003, the number of water polo players globally has decreased by an average of 8500. This may be because of the reason that Water Polo is seen as a sport played by "queers", who enjoy wrestling other sopping wet men in thongs. Many ex-water polo players have revealed their fear of returning to public pools because of their scarred past, in which many were abused by fellow players. One water polo player has been labelled as a"perverted rabbit" after brutally "discreetly" abusing all the members on his water polo team.

How may players are in a water polo team?

there has to be at least 7 including the goalie

Water polo if a player pulls on the lane line going after the ball?

water polo is when the players work together to score and win the other team

What is the typical composition of a water polo team?

Each team can have up to 13 players, seven are in the water at anyone time, the rest are on the bench. They have rolling substitutions.

How many players participate in water polo?

In one team there is 13 players, but only 7 are in the pool at a time, and one of them is the goalie. So in a game there will be 14 people in the pool at one time, 7 from each team.

Are water polo players aloud to touch the ground?

No. They can not touch the bottom of the pool. They are swimming or treading water the whole game. I heard the water polo team talk about this last week.

Are most water polo players tall?

It does give players an advantage such faster swimming speeds, more reach and big hands. However, not all water polo players are tall. I know a someone who was 3rd team all-american and she is barely over 5'6".