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Each team in the NFL, including the Patriots, are allowed to carry 53 players on their roster.

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Q: How many players are in Patriots?
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How many players are on the Patriots?


How many white players does the New England Patriots have?


How many does New England Patriots have?

The question can't be answered. How many "what" do the Patriots have? footballs? players? golf clubs? jacuzzi? pounds of shrimp in the freezer?

How many players are on the New England Patriots nfl team?


How many draft picks do the New England Patriots have in 2008 draft?

The Patriots drafted seven players in the 2008 NFL Draft

How many players on the New England Patriots are on the active roster?

Each team in the NFL has 45 players on its active roster.

How many New England Patriots players are from New England?

109 as of 2007.

How many players from the Patriots 3 Super Bowl wins are still on the 2011 roster?


How many players are there on the New England Patriots?

Like every other team in tbe NFL, the Patriots have a 53 man roster and a 7 man practice squad.

Where can on obtain a list of Patriot players?

Click on the '2007 Patriots Roster' link below to see the players on the New England Patriots 2007 roster.

Who plays on offense for the Patriots?

There are 20-30 players that can play offense for the Patriots. You'll have to look at a depth chart to find all the offensive players.

Who plays for the NE patriots?

football players

Who are All patriots players who wore 87?

Rob Gronkowski

How many former Super Bowl players currently play for the New England Patriots?

Currently all the non-rookies are superbowl champs because the Patriots won the last superbowl

What are the names of past defensive patriot players?

There are hundreds of former defensive Patriots players.

Who played on the patriots?

There have been lots of players who've played for the Patriots. It depends on what year you're looking at.

What team in the NFL has the most white players?


Who was the first players for the patriots?

The first New England Patriots (then the Boston Patriots) season was in 1960. Here's a link to their 1960 roster,

Do the New England Patriots accept items to be signed by players through mail?

No, the Patriots do not accept items thru the mail.

How many players on this years patriots team played in the Super Bowl in 2008?

Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Logan Mankins.

What Patriots players wore number 20?

Gino Cappalletti.

What are the names of the New England Patriots players?

billy jean

Why do the patriots sign rookie defensive players?

Because they are looking for young fast defensive players who are coachable.

How many New England Patriots players have been in all 4 Super Bowl?

tom brady, Kevin faulk, and Matt light

How many players on New England's Active Roster come from Big 12 schools?

The Patriots have 4 players, on the 53 man roster, from Big 12 schools. There are two additional players from Big 12 schools on the Patriots practice squad. The Big 12 players on the Patriots roster are: * RB Sammy Morris, Texas Tech * DE Ty Warren, Texas A&M * WR Wes Welker, Texas tech * DB Terrence Wheatley, Colorado * DT Titus Adams, Nebraska (practice squad) * WR Terrence Nunn, Nebraska (practice squad)