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256 total players are drafted each year.

32 teams x 7 rounds = 224 + 32 compensatory picks = 256

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Q: How many players are drafted by the NFL every year?
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How many players are drafted into the NBA each year?

57-60 players a year

How many players are drafted by NFL each year?


How many players are drafted each year by NFL?


How many players get drafted per year in the NFL?

'bout 200

How many soccer players get drafted a year?

5 doll a week

How many players got drafted from Mississippi in this year nba draft?


How many international players are drafted each year in the NBA draft?

With each passing year, more and more international players are being drafted by NBA teams. For the 2009 draft, 13 international players were chosen.

How many college baseball players are drafted each year?

The highest percentage of college baseball players that get drafted into the MLB each year is about 2.5 percent This would be about 10 rookies per team - or 300 players. The exact number may fluctuate each year.

How many players has kentucky sent to the nba?

So many. This year 12 were drafted. I believe 6 were picked.

How many players are drafted into the NFL each year?

The NFL currently has 32 teams and each team gets 8 draft picks. Therefore, the total number of players drafted into the NFL each year stands at 256.

How many people are drafted into the NBA?

The NBA draft has 60 selections every year

Which college had the most players drafted in one year?


How many NBA players drafted each year?

60 (2 rounds with 30 picks in each round )

How Many CD Players Are Sold Every Year?

not that Many.. mostly ipods and mp3 players are sold more

How many college basketball players make it into nba?

50-60 assuming about 10 players are international players and not all players drafted are signed but there are about 5 undrafted free agents per year

How many players go into the NBA every year?


What college has had the most players drafted since the year 2000?

Ohio State

What college football team had the most players drafted last year?


How many college football players go to th NFL?

It varies from year to year. Not all drafted players make the team, and not all free agents stick. There is also a practice squad.

How many players declare for the nfl draft every year on average?


How many NFL players are on injured reserve?

OVER 9000 every year

How many CD players are sold per year worldwide?

The Amount Of CD Players That Are Sold Every Year Are 120,000,000 Roughly. There You Go

How many basketball players in the NCAA mens basketball?

There is really no answer for this. Since players are constanty joining the NCAA every year. It changes every year. my guess would be close to 500-ish. Since there are many teams.

How many college athletes get drafted to the NFL?

In the 2004 NFL draft there were 167 players drafted in a total of 6 rounds. More players are brought in during camp whom did not get drafted with the hopes of making a team. "Camp players" fill the need as practice players do during the season. Your NFL chances of making a team is an extreme in terms of the overall number of college athlete seniors available each year. Your hearing this from a formal 2 year NFL player 1979-81 and 1 year USFL player.

What college had the most players drafted by the NFL in one year?

The University of Texas. 1984 draft.