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There are a total of 12 players in a Rugby (union) sevens Team, with seven on the pitch at any one time and 5 as reserves. The squad numbers are variable as in the 15 a side version. Squad sizes are down to the RFU of the country playing. They may ONLY name 12 for a game from the squad.

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In 7-a-side football, each team has seven players on the field.

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With 7 on the pitch and the correct number of subs (5) you could have 7 teams.

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Seven each team plus substitutes

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Q: How many players are allowed in a sevens rugby squad?
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Each of the 20 teams are allowed only 31 players in a squad therefore 620 is the maximum players

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Is there any black man in Scotland national rugby league team?

There aren't any black players in the current squad.

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It depends on how many players the coaches want. If they want alot of subs then they can have alot of players. if they didn't want alot of subs then they won't have alot of players on the team. If you are playing with 12 players they don't want over 50 subs do they? i don't think so.

How many players star in a rugby match?

Union. 23 are selected for the squad. 5 play. If the closers (reserves) 3 must be replacements for the front row.

How many french rugby players play in the super league?

There are 17 Frenchmen in the Catalan Dragons squad of 25 for 2010, but none at any other club.

How many men are in a full rugby football squad?

there are 15 players on the field at one time. you are only aloud to sub 7 times during a game.

How many members compromise a team in a professional game of rugby?

There are 15 players on a pitch, there are 22 members on a squad, allowing fro seven subsitutions during the game.

How many people in Rugby League?

15 on each team + subs so 22 in totalRugby Union:15 on the field (Playing), 7 on the bench (Used as Substitutes), 8 in reserves (Not Allowed for Play) This is the kind of rugby most people associate with the sport. Rugby League: 13 on the field + 4 substitutes. Rugby Sevens: 7 on the field. Shorter games.