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What are the Defenders called om a netball team

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Fouled inside the18 yard box in soccer

What are the substitution rules in basketball

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Q: How many player r in a basketball team?
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Who is the best basketball player that is still playing r has retired?

The best basketball player that is playing currently is without a doubt, Lebron James. The best retired basketball player is Michael Jordan.

Who is the captian of Indian basketball men's team 2012?

V R raghunath

Who is a better basketball team LAL or OKC?

OKC plus nunu likes kim r

Are the new jersey nets a good basketball team?

far from it but their dancers r extreemly hot

Who is an overseas basketball player whose name start with the letter R?

Ricky Grace

What has the author R Thomas Cobourn written?

R. Thomas Cobourn has written: 'Kareem Abdul-Jabbar' -- subject(s): Basketball players, Biography, Juvenile literature, Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball team)

How many ring does the Miami Dolphins have?

Only a player can have rings. The team does, howeve,r have 2 Super bowl titles.

How many quarters r in pro basketball?


How many groups of 5 players can be chosen from a basketball team of 13?

The general formula for the number of combinations of r things chosen from n different things is C(n,r) = n!/ r!(n-r)! How many ways can 5 players be chosen from a team of 13? (Where the order you choose the players does not matter). So C(13,5) = 13!/5!(13-5)! Or 1,287

What are the three r's in basketball?

what are the three r's in basketball

Does keshia cole have a boyfriend?

yes keyhia cole do have a boyfriend he is a nba basketball player anit that cool she is a singer and he is a basketball player he is not the boy in the song turst so do not think if u have a wiki answer text me back r leave a good r bad go on Google and u can and type in is kc boy a nba player

Can a player move anywhere on the court in a game of volleyball?

no i play for the state team and there r positions for every player !

When a punt is kicked can the opposing team hit the person who is catching the ball?

If you are a K player (kicking team) and 'hit' or 'make contact' with the R player (receiving team) trying to catch the ball before or during the catch, it is a kick-catch interference foul. The R player attempting to catch the kick is given protection. He is given an 'opportunity to catch the ball'. If the R player asks for a fair catch, he is never to be hit, unless the ball hits the ground.

Who was the first basketball player in history?

The first basketball game in history was played in the year 1892 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Although there were two teams of 18 players, the first player in history is not known. However, William R. Chase was the first player to score a goal in the history of basketball. It was the winning goal of the first game ever, a game that ended with a score of 1-0.

How many rules r their to play basketball?

Instead of answering your question, I will correct your spelling and usage. It should look like this-"How many rules are there to play basketball?" Instead of answering your question, I will correct your spelling and usage. It should look like this-"How many rules are there to play basketball?"

Is michael jordan the best basketball player ever to play the game?

He's good but NO. Kevin durant & Lebron r better

How many people are team edward?

Millions. How many ppl r team jacob?: millions! How many ppl r switzerland?: millions! Including me!

Who is the new player participating first time in the World Cup for Indian Cricket Team?

R. Ashwin

Who is a famous person that starts with a r?

Cathy Rigby is a famous gymnast. Aaron Rodgers is a famous football player. Adolph Rupp is a famous basketball coach.

When is their an exception to the offsides rule in soccer?

Well, say that there is a red team and a blue team. (Team R and Team B) And, Team R's forward player is exactly in line with the last defender of Team B. Then, the ball is kicked right in the middle of those two players, and goes past them. If Team R gets to the ball, it is not considered offsides. I hope that helps! I know that one time we lost a game because the referee called my goal offsides, when it completely wasn't! The offsides rule gets very frustrating, and can work with or against your team.

How many players in baseball team?

Around 40 these days because there are about 2 player for every position and they rotate throughout games the reason y there's so many is because they need days off and in case one is injuried except the pitchers there are about 5-6 and also 5-6 relief pitcher and sometimes they're r minor league players that r not officially on the team but is going to be maybe next season and they just count them in their team anyway

Do you have to tryout to make seventh grade basketball teams?

YES, when u r in 7th grade, u are considered the A team, where u play 2 win, unlike 4-6 grade the B team, which u just play for fun

What is a famous persons name that starts with r?

Reba McEntire is a famous singer. Bill Russell is a famous basketball player.

What state or country is the best to be a pro soccer player?

My perspective is probably is Europe because that where the best soccer team r at

Does Toys R Us sell Little Tikes basketball hoop?

Yes. Toys-R-Us sells a variety of toys for kids, such as Little Tikes basketball hoops. It is the easiest to purchase this online, but you can also call your local Toys-R-Us and see if they sell the basketball hoop you are looking for.