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Lionel Messi has been the FIFA bedt player of the year twice.The first time in 2009 with KAKA and Cristiano Ronaldo, the second time in 2011 beating his Barcelona teammates Xavi,David Villa, And Andres Iniesta

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he has won the balon dor 3 times in a row. hopefully he will win the golden boot.

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messi won it 100 time

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Q: How many player of the years has messi got?
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How many brothers does Lionel messi got?

2 - Rodrigo Messi and Matias Messi

Why is messi so small?

Messi is short because because when he was a kid he had a growth disorder but then he got a surgery.Barcelona noticed how good of a player he was so they made a deal with Messi saying that if he played for Barcelona then they would pay for his surgery. After this Messi has been playing with the team of Barcelona since his teenage years.

How many trophy did messi got?


How old was messi when he got drafted to soccer?

Lionel messi was 13 years when he joint barcelona. but was 17 years when he played his first game.

Who is the best in football 2011?

Lionel Messi got the player of the year award.

How many balon d'or has Messi got?


How many personal trophies has Lional Messi got?


How yellow card has Lionel messi received since joining fc Barcelona?

How many yellow card got by messi

Who was famous 2009 soccer player?

Lionel Messi, Who won the 2009 and 2010 FIFA world player of the year awards. Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United got beaten 2-0 by Messi's Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League Final, Where Messi even scored himself. This fact erases all disputes about if Ronaldo was better than Messi in 2009. Ronaldo didn't win; Messi did. Conclusion: Messi was the best player in 2009

Is Lionel messi the best football player in the world?

one of them, definitely, but ronaldo has got the same ability

What award did Messi get at 2014 world cup?

He got the Golden Ball. He was the best player at the World Cup.

How many red cards does messi have?

He got only one Red Card