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If you count players called up from the minors to replace injured players, you're looking at approximately 700 NHL players.

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Q: How many player in the NHL?
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What nhl player wears number 21?


Who is the player on the NHL logo?

there isn't a player on the NHL logo

How many spare sticks does an NHL player have in a game?


What is the average salary of an NHL football player?

There is no such thing as an NHL football player. The NHL is a HOCKEY league.

How much education does an NHL player need to become an NHL player?


Who is the biggest player agent in the NHL?

Chare is by far the biggest player in the NHL

Shortest player in the NHL?

shortest player in the nhl is Nathan gerbe 5'5

HOW many games played per nhl player?

there are 82 games

Was there an NHL hockey player with initials NHL?


How many American players play for Canadian NHL Teams?

Out of 974 total player in the NHL there are 216 American born players currently playing in the NHL.

How many NHL players were born in South Carolina?

None, not one NHL player has been born in South Carolina.

Who is the best NHL player now in NHL?

Gustav Nyquist

Who is the best NHL player of all time?

Wayne gretzky-he holds many records in the nhl like the most assists in a season

Shortest player NHL?

The shortest player ever to be in the NHL would be Roy "shrimp" Worters at 5'3".

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Who is the all time best NHL player?

Many would say the best all time NHL player is Wayne Gretzky. He was named the greatest player in National Hockey League history by The Hockey News in 1998.

Who is the greatest NHL player?

The Best Player In the NHl today is Sidney Crosbythe best oldtimer was Wayne gretzky

Who was the first black player in NHL?

The first black player in the NHL was Willie O'Ree. He played for the Boston Bruins.

Who is the biggest NHL player?

The most famous NHL player is Wayne Gretzky, and others say it is Bobby Orr.

Who would win in a fight - NHL or NFL player?

if its on ice nhl if not nfl

How does an NHL goalie qualify for an NHL pension?

To qualify for NHL pension a player must play 400 games

Who is the biggest NHL player ever?

The most famous NHL player is Wayne Gretzky, and others say it is Bobby Orr.

Who is the best player to score with in NHL 11?

The best player to score with in NHL 11 is most likely Steven Stamkos.

How many south African born players are in the NHL?

The only South African born player to ever play in the NHL was Olaf Kölzig (1989-2009).