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only 5 people can be on the court at once but you can have as many as you want on the team

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Q: How many player in one team in basketball?
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How many player court one time in basketball?

Five per team.

Is basketball a team or a solo sport?

Basketball is a team sport. At times one player can take over a game, but if the rest of the team does nothing, the team will lose.

How many games do one basketball team play a season euro basketball?

i believe there are 82 games in one season for each basketball team

When is a basket made in basketball?

A basket is made when one team player gets the basketball through their hoop.

If two player from the opposite team tie up the basketball how many hands need to be on the ball for it to be call a jump ball?


How many coach are there in one team in basketball?


What is the definition of double team in basketball terms?

Double team is when two defensive players are guarding one offensive player. That offensive player is usually the player in possession of the ball.

One of the five players usually the tallest?

One of the five players on a basketball team is the Center. That player is usually the tallest member of the team.

Use prodigy in a sentence?

the captain of the basketball team was the coach's prodigy, as he was the best player on the team, the one with the most potential

How many possible gold medals can be won on a basketball team is it one each or one for the entire team?

everyone on the team gets one...

What is one basketball team?

The LA Lakers are a basketball team.

A team sport with 5 players per team?

There are many sports which have 5 players per team. One of them is Basketball.

Can a player roll the basketball on the floor?

A player can actually roll the basketball too another player. You often see this on an out-of-bounds play when one team doesn't want the clock to start right away.

How many men are there on a typical basketball team?

In basketball, there are usually 10-20 players in a typical team. However, only five players from each team are allowed on the basketball court at any one time.

How many coaches are there in basketball?

At least one for every team

How many timeouts in college basketball?

One for each team

How many players can be on the basketball court at one time?

five (one team)

Is Kobe Bryant the number one player on the Los Angeles Lakersthe basketball team?


How many player in basketball in one side?


How many players are there in total in one basketball team?

7 players

How many people are in one team for a basketball game on the court?


How many timeouts in college basketball overtime?

One for each team

Can a basketball player pass off the other team?

yes, you can pass the ball off the other team to get your dribble back when you don't have one.

Where can one find a game schedule for a professional basketball team?

One can find a game schedule for a professional basketball team on the mother of all sports websites: ESPN. Basketball is one of many sports that one can find all sorts of information on, not just when a game will air.

What is isolation in basketball?

An isolation in basketball is where one player (frequently the point guard or shooting guard) is matched up one on one vs. one player on the opposing team; and the teammates of the player with possession of the ball move out of the way so that the ball handler can make is move and try to score a point.