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excluding susbstitutes total no of players are 22 from both the teams.

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Q: How many player in cricket game?
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How many people play cricket in Australia?

Cricket is a bat and ball game in which the player tries to score runs. This game dates back to the 13th century. There are 164,000 people that play cricket in Australia.

Which game has the player positions 'silly mid-on''slips' and 'third man'?

These are the field positions in the game of Cricket.

How many player are there in cricket?


What is the regular salaries of Indian cricket player?

A goat a game

How many balls in a cricket game?


Who is the most entertainer player in cricket game?

shahid khan afridi

How do you play the game cricket?

The game cricket is a game which we have to play with a cricket bat and a ball

In the game of cricket how many bowls are there to an over?


How many type of run out in cricket game?


How is cricket 2011 game?

which cricket game has ipl in it

Where was cricket made?

This is a question based on cricket. cricket is a English game. they introduced cricket as a game.

Which player many fans in world cricket?


Where do crickets does?

Cricket is a game that is played between two teams in a cricket stadium.Every cricket playing nation has one or many cricket stadiums in their country.

Which counry cricket was made in?

Cricket is my favorite game. Cricket game is born in England.

How do you get a foul in a cricket game?

There is not anythng such as foul in the game of cricket.

Insect which shares its name with a game?

Hey the insect is 'Cricket'. Have a nice day.

Who is the world's best cricket player?

luke welsford is with 700 runs in one game

Who is the first cricket player to take ten wickets in one game?

Anil Kumble

When will there be a cricket game on ps3?

There is already a cricket game for ps 3 which name is cricket 2010.

How many umpires are assigned to a regulation cricket game?


How many bails are part of a wicket in a game of cricket?


Which cricket player of India has many fans?

Sachin Tendulkar!

How many countries play the game cricket?

There are more then 100 countries all over the world were cricket is played according to the Laws of Cricket.

Will there be a new ea sports cricket game?

no there will be no cricket game after 07

What are the advantages of cricket?

what are the advantage of cricket game?