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their are 5 players on each team at a time a team can have as many players as they want

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Q: How many player in basket ball?
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How many defensive awards does Michael Jordan have?

because he was the best basket ball player because he was the best basket ball player

When was the first NBA website founded?

basket ball i like to be a basket ball player

Why is Michael Jordan the most decorated player in the NBA?

because he is the tallest basket ball player in the history of basket ball

How many dots are on a basket ball?

on a basket ball, there are about 2, 958

Who was the first female basket ball player?

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In the NBA if an player purposely shoots the ball in the opposing team basket does the basket count?


Tallest basket ball player?

manute bol

Is Phil Lewis a basketball player?

He was one a professional basket ball player.

What happens if a player shoots the ball under the basket but it goes in the basket threw the net?

To count, it would have to clear the basket and come back through the basket.

How many Rules of basketball?

there are lots of rules in basket ball and many different sets of rules, such as FIBA or highschool basket ball

Who was the first basket ball player?

the first basket ball player was James Naismith he invented and played basket ball it was 1891 and he was thinking of a way to keep his students occupied on the winter days so he nailed a peach basket to a 10 foot elevated track and he didn't remove the bottom so every time someone made a shot they had 2 go up 10 feet to get the ball

Who is the worlds best basket ball player?

Michael Jordan

Who does lil wayne have a crush on?

Jewell she is an basket ball player

Who is ozil?

ozil is the best basket ball player in the U.F.C

How many player in basketball and volley ball games?

In basket ball there are 5 players playing on the court and in volleyball there are 6 players on the court. ;)

Is troy a real basketball player?

he isn't a basket ball player but he likes playing it

Who was the highest paid player in basket ball in 1995?

David Robinson was paid the highest for playing basket ball in 1995. He was paid a sum of 5.7 million dollars.

What is it called when a player shoots the ball into the basket for 2 or 3 points?

It is called making a basket. Two points are awarded if a player makes a basket from within the three point arc... and three points are awarded if a player makes a basket from beyond the three point arc.

How many foul shots a player receives when the ball is shot?

it depends where it is shot and where the player was fouled, or whether or not the shot makes it in the basket while the whistle is blown.

What sports personality should you go to school as?

basket ball player

Who is the best basket ball player of all time?

Pete Maravich

Is Michael Jordan the best basket ball player ever?


What is the average salary for a pro basket ball player?

10 bucks

How did Kobe Bryant become successful?

he became a basket ball player

What are facts about LeBron James?

he is the best basket ball player in the world