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Q: How many player in an ice hockey team on the ice at any one time?
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How many player in hochy team?

A field hockey team will always have a team of 16 players with 11 of them in a pitch at a time.

How many player participate in hockey game?

In ice hockey there are six people per team on the ice at a time, including the goalie, and usually 17 players on the bench: 9 forwards, 6 defencemen, and two goalies In field hockey there are 11 per team.

How many player are there in a hockey team?

A team can have up to 16 players generally. 11 players are on the field at one time - 10 field players and 1 goal keeper. Up to 5 players can be on the 'bench' and can be rotated into the game at any time.

What is a famous female ice hockey player?

Hayley Wickenheiser was the captian of the Womans national team. She made the team as a 15 year old and a star was born. Likely the most famous female hockey player for a long time to come.

What team did Big Time Rush play on?

The hockey team was a high school hockey team called the all-stars

How many timeouts in hockey?

There is one time-out per team in one game.It is a 30 second time-out

How much does an average hockey player get paid in the NHL?

Actually for any player, his pay is as much as he can negotiate with a team or what a team thinks he's worth to the team at any particular time during his career.

How many time Indian women hockey team has won the gold medal?


How many players per team are permitted to play on the court for hockey?

In ice hockey, 5 skaters and 1 goaltender are allowed on the ice, per team, at one time.

How many hockey player on the ice at one time?

there are 6 including the goalie

Who is the all time best NHL player?

Many would say the best all time NHL player is Wayne Gretzky. He was named the greatest player in National Hockey League history by The Hockey News in 1998.

How many players in a hockey team including substitutes?

16 total, 11 of which can be on the field at one time.

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