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Through the 2011 season, Derek Jeter has made 11,155plate appearances in his career.

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Q: How many plate appearances does Derek Jeter have in his career?
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Who had the best batting average against Jim palmer?

For batters that had at least 10 plate appearances against Palmer, that was Fran Healy who went 5 for 8 with 4 walks for a .625 batting average. For batters that had at least 20 plate appearances against Palmer, that was Al Oliver who went 11 for 23 for a .478 batting average. For batters that had at least 50 plate appearances against Palmer, that was Doug Griffin who went 17 for 47 with 6 walks for a .362 batting average. For batters that had at least 100 plate appearances against Palmer, that was Rod Carew who when 34 for 95 with 10 walks for a .358 batting average.

What was Ted Williams' batting average versus Bob Feller?

Williams hit a remarkable .368 off of Feller in his career His BA/OBP/SLG line versus Feller is a staggering .368/.513/.793 in 113 Plate Appearances with 9 home runs

Most home runs hit from both sides of the plate in career?

Mark texeria

How fast was sandy koufax?

Sandy had to throw the ball over 100 mph many, many times during his career. HOF Richie Ashburn said that Koufax either threw the fastest pitch he has ever seen, or he is going blind. Pete Rose, who had over 15000 total plate appearances and faced hundreds of pitchers during his career, said that Koufax was the hardest thrower he ever faced. It's been reported that some umps actually didn't see some of his pitches and made the call on the sound of his pitch. Willie Mays is on record as saying that he couldn't hit Sandy Koufax, and he knew every pitch he was going to throw ...

What is a continental arc system?

These arc systems form at collision plate margins where an oceanic plate is being subducted under a continental plate. As the oceanic plate melts, the magma rises and finds cracks in the continental plate above and creates volcanoes. These volcanoes occur all the way along this plate margin. For example the cascade volcanic arc on the north west coast of USA.

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Did Derek Jeter play in 2007?

Yes. Derek Jeter played in 156 games and had 714 plate appearances in the 2007 season.

What did Derek Jeter lead the league in 1999?

Plate appearances with 739 and base hits with 219.

What baseball player earned his 3000 hits in the least amount of plate appearances?

Derek Jeter

Does Derek Jeter take steroids?

No, Derek Jeter does not take steroids. Steroids is a life changing drug that makes your behavior change and your physical appearance change. Derek Jeter has looked the same since 1995 and has done an phenomenal job a the plate and in the field.

How many different pitchers does a major league batter play against each year?

As an example for the 2010 season ... Derek Jeter, who led the AL in plate appearances with 739, batted against 212 different pitchers. He faced 70 of those pitchers only once and another 33 only twice. Jeter had 10 or more plate appearances against 16 pitchers. Richie Weeks, who led the NL in plate appearances with 754, batted against 227 different pitchers. He faced 73 of those pitchers only once and another 31 only twice. Weeks had 10 or more plate appearances against 10 pitchers.

How often did Babe Ruth strike out?

Once every eight plate appearances in the regular season. For Babe Ruth's career, he had 10,616 regular season plate appearances and 1,330 regular season strikeouts. In World Series play, he had 167 plate appearances and 30 strikeouts for an average of one strikeout every 5.6 plate appearances.

What is the career highest batting average of any pitcher in MLB history?

Three pitchers are listed below based on number of plate appearances while in the game as a pitcher: 1) 1000 or more plate appearances: George Uhle at .288. 2) 500-999 plate appearances: Babe Ruth at .304. 3) 200-499 plate appearances: Jack Bentley at .322.

Who were the top 5 hitters for the 2010 New York Yankees?

The 2010 Yankees top five batting averages:(minimum of 3.1 plate appearances per game)Robinson Cano (.319)Nick Swisher (.288)Brett Gardner (.277)Derek Jeter (.270)Alex Rodriguez (.270)

Which player has the most World Series at bats?

Yogi Berra has the most career World Series at bats with 259, and 295 plate appearances

Who did jeter throw out at the plate with the flip?

Jeremy Giambi.

What does pa stand for in baseball?

Plate appearances

How many times did Hank Aaron bat?

Hank Aaron had 12,364 career at bats in his 13,941 plate appearances; meaning he came to bat 13,941 times.

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