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I'm assuming you are talking about offensive moves. This is a bit like asking how many ways there are to play the guitar. There are hundreds of moves, each with multiple variations, resulting in an almost infinite amount of moves.

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If you haven't dribbled yet you can make as many as you want and dribble. If you have just stopped dribbling you cannot dribble again regardless of the number of pivots. You will need to pass the ball, shoot it, or bounce it off an opposing player to dribble again

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Q: How many pivot moves can you make and Then dribble the basketball?
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How many pivots can a player make if their foot stays in the same place in basketball?

There is an unlimited number of pivots you can make. If you are pivoting with your left foot you may not change your pivot foot to your right and if you pivot with your right foot you can't change to your left. If you don't change feet and don't take steps you can do infininte pivots until the game clock runs out or the shot clock expires. If you dribble pivot and then dribble again that is a travel.

How should you dribble a basketball?

with both hands, make fake moves, and then shake hands (fair play) and go home (in one piece without shooting each other). forgive me.

How Do you Use a basketball?

Well, first you have to put air in it to make it dribble. Then you can dribble it by dropping it on the ground and it will go back up then you push down on it again. Then you can shoot it, by putting your hands on the basketball while it is up by your face. Then you shoot it and flick your wrist, and over time you will get better at it. It just takes practice.

What is the longest amount time a player should keep possession of the ball in basketball before passing to a teammate?

a player can hold it for 5 seconds and dribble it for 10 seconds then he has to make a basketball play

What are some of the important rules for basketball?

don't travel (take 3 steps without dribbling), don't double dribble (Dribble, pick the ball up, then dribble again), don't foul the shooter (make contact with the shooter while shooting that changes the course of the ball), don't go out of bounds.

Some moves of basketball?

The crossover is a very simple, easy move that can be used to fake out a defender. The behind the back dribble is diffucult, yet effective in situations it just inolves crossing over behind the back. The between the legs dribble (my personal fave!) is the funnest move to do once you get a hang of it! There are many more moves you can do to fake out tough defenders. Streetball moves are fun as well! Make sure to look up this question so that you can learn much more about this FUN sport! i am 11 yrs old and play on the Elevation Elite.

What is ins and outs in basketball?

its a type of dribble move. a type of crossover to be more precise. its more like a fake crossover where you make it look like you're going to dribble the ball to one hand, but keep it in the same. its pretty effective!

How do you make moves work in basketball?

The only way to make moves work is practice them and not wing it like people do because it will end up bad .

Why should you catch the ball with two hands in basketball?

Since the dribble can only begin and stop one time it is in a player's possession, you should make his dribble count. Every single dribble should have a purpose.

What are the black lines of the basketball called?

Lines on a Basketball The reason why there are lines on a basketball is to improve a player's grip making it easier to dribble and shoot the ball. The lines on basketballs make them easiar to grab and hold, allowing players to shoot, dribble, and pass better.

How do you get pivot stick figure sprites like dragons that can move and stuff?

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You have to make it.