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Q: How many pisisons were in baseball in1945?
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What war ended in1945?

kerean war

When is ashes to ashes series 2 out?


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What international organaztion was in1945 of America?

united nations

What year when Robert Goddard die?

He died in1945 from throat cancer.

What was the name of the serie A winners in1945?

The Serie A winners in 1945 were no Club since there was no competition.

What day did Germany surrendered in1945 during world war 2?

May 1st 1945

When was Anne Frank past away?

She died in1945 along with sister Margot from a terrible disease.

What team won the Portuguese Liga in1945?

The team that won the portuguese Liga in 1945 was SL Benfica.

How has the N.H.S change since 1941?

in 2012 u don't pay and in1945 u pay lots of money

How has the N.H.S changed since 1941?

in 2012 u don't pay and in1945 u pay lots of money

What day did World War 2 end in1945?

September 4, 1945 on the USS Missouri the Japanese signed the Instrument of the Surrender.