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Just over 17.

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Q: How many ping pong balls would it take to equal the weight of one golf ball?
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How many golf balls would be to the equal to the weight of twelve tennis balls?

A tennis ball weighs 57 grams, a golf ball weighs 46 grams. So there would be 14.87 golf balls to 12 tennis balls.

What is the mass of a bouncey ball?

Balls come in a wide variety if sizes. It would depend on the dimensions and the density of the material. On earth it would be equal to its weight.

How many ultra balls to equal a master ball?

you cant measure out ultra balls to equal master balls. master balls are just a lot better.

Do expensive golf balls go farther than cheap ones?

no, that would depend on the weight of the ball

How does a pool table tell if it is the cue ball or the colored balls?

The Cue Ball is less weight than the Colored Balls.

Weight of ball?

The weight of a ball really depends on the ball you are weighing. Baseballs weigh more than ping-pong balls for example.

What would be a Quidditch ball's weight be in kilograms?

Depends which ball you're talking about. There are 3 different types of balls. I imagine that the quaffle would be about the weight of a netball ball, but a bludger would be much heavier. And then the snitch is obviously not going to weigh much, it's so small :)

Would a bigger ball roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball?

A bigger ball will not always roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball. It will depend upon the weight of the balls.

How light can a bowling ball weigh?

The lightest weight that a bowling ball can be manufactured is 6lbs. This weight is usually for little kids that are just starting to bowl. Some brands do not make reactive balls this light, plastic balls are usually the type of balls that will be 6lbs.

How many cotton balls equals a pound?

If one cotton ball equals .002 pounds than it would take 500 cotton balls to equal one pound.

Does size weight or radius affect a balls bounce?

Weight affects a balls bounce Size affects the weight and the radius affects the size The most important factor is what material the ball is made from.

What would be a good conclution for a project what ball will bounce higher?

i learned that golf balls have a little bit of weight, less than a bouncy ball witch makes them bounce higher.

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