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I asked around, but i need to know if the top is up or down:

8,802 - up (median answer)

4000 - down

does it include the trunk? are the balls loose or packaged? what make and model Jeep are we talking? typical jeep or like Land Rover freelander? please respond.

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I'd say the cubic interior volume is about 4W X 5L X 3H (ft) (on average) estimated down for the subtraction of the interior space. That's 60 cubic feet. Now the question is how many ping pong balls can you fit into a cubic foot? My guess was around 200. (they don't fit together one ontop of the other) They can pack pretty well. So that's about 12,000 ping pong balls. This may or may not be close, but that is the critical thinking skills that I would go through if I were asked this question during an interview.

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Q: How many ping pong balls can you fit in a jeep?
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