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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has 257,325 permanent seats.

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Q: How many permanent seats are at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?
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Sporting venue with the most seats?

It's the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. 250,000 permanent seat.

What stadium has the largest seating capacity in the world?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - 250,000 Indianapolis Speedway. 250,000 seats

Which NASCAR track has the biggest attendance?

The largest attendance in Nascar takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The track has 257,325 permanent seats and with temporary infield seating, it can hold close to 400,000 people.

How many seats are at a NASCAR track?

Nascar tracks are like football and baseball stadiums, they are all different in seating capacity. Some Nascar tracks, like New Hampshire Motor Speedway, can hold 93,521 in their grandstand seats. But tracks like Indianapolis Motor Speedway have 257,325 permanent seats. The difference with Nascar is that at some tracks you can hold more people with infield seating, unlike a stadium.

How many seats are at Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Charlotte Motor Speedway has a seating capacity of 165,000.

How many seats are at Bristol Motor Speedway?

Bristol Motor Speedway has a seating capacity of 160,000.

How many seats are in Bristol Motor Speedway?

The seating capacity of Bristol Motor Speedway is 160,000.

How many seats are at the Texas Motor Speedway?


How many seats does the biggest stadium have?

Indianapolis Speedway. Built 1909. Capacity 250 000.

How many permanent seats are there at the Daytona International Speedway?

There are 120,000 seats available for the Daytona International Speedway. They must have this much seating to accommodate its huge fan base on such big events as the Indy 500.

What is the biggest stadium ever?

Correct answer is Indianapolis Speedway seats 250,000 but for football it is the dallas cowboys stadium... most of the infromation could be found on google... :)

What is Texas motor speedway crowd record?

The seats inside can hold 120,000 people. The campgrounds can hold even more.

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