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There are three periods in a hockey game.

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Q: How many periods of play in a hockey game?
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If the game you play has 3 periods what sport is it?

Ice Hockey

If the game you play has three periods what sports are you playing?


How many minutes in a ice hockey game?

There are three twenty-minute periods in ice hockey, adding up to 60 minutes of play.

How many of periods of play make up a game of ice hockey?

Three periods of twenty minutes play in each. Stoppages extend each period.

What is quarter in hockey?

I play hockey and if you mean by time then there aren't quarters the game is split up into three periods.

If the game you play has three periods what sport are you in?

Ice Hockey Cricket has 3 sessions each day as well

How many periods are in a hockey match?

there are 3 periods in a hockey game. in the NHL a periode lasts 20min. In the youth games most last 12 min. The kids that are 13 and up play 14min. Some really good youth players play 17min. It all depends on the age and orginazation. The NHL playes 3, 20 min. periods!

How many quarters are there in ice hockey games?

There are no quarters. A professional game consists of three periods of twenty minutes each, the clock running only when the puck is in play.

How many players can play at a time during a professional hockey game?


How long is a ice hockey game?

A hockey game consists of traditionally three period of twenty minutes each. In the NHL if a game is tied after regualation, it goes to one five minute sudden death overtime period of four skaters each, and then goes to a shootout. Although in NHL Playoff hockey, Overtime periods are Sudden Death full periods with 5 on 5 play.

Why did women start to play hockey?

Women began playing hockey because hockey is an incredibly enjoyable game to play.

How many subs can you make in a game of hockey?

You can change as many times as you want in a hockey game. You can either make a line change on the fly while the play is going on, or in a stoppage.

Average time it takes to play an ice hockey game?

NHL games have three 20 minute periods. There is 15 minutes in between periods. The length of time it takes to play a period will vary depending on the number of stoppages. A fast game will take about two hours.

What kind of game is field hockey?

field hockey is a game played on grass or turf. you use hockey like sticks except with a curve at the bottom. the play is 11 vs. 11 and there are many rules of the game. it is like a combination of hockey and soccer.

How to play hockey?

First of all hockey is not a toy. but In order to get good at hockey you have to play for a while. In all honesty this is a stupid question because you are not going to learn to play hockey on the computer. You may learn the rules but you will not know the game until you physically play the game.

What if a hockey player is late for the game?

they dont get to play

How many gb does a play off hockey game use?

The amount of GBs that a playoff hockey game would use depends entirely on the particular game. There is no one single answer. There are many such video games for different gaming platforms.

Can you open the fever hockey in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games?

yes you can you have to play the olympic hockey game till you see it say you have earned to play fever hockey and i know this because i have the game

How many people play ice hockey in America?

Not that many but there are a lot of ice hockey teams that play for the nhl.

When is first intermission in a hockey game?

After the first period of play

Why did Bobby Orr play hockey?

because he loved the game

What does GP MIN mean in hockey?

Minutes of Game Play

How many Canadians play hockey?

at least 5 000 000 people play hockey

How many people play at once in hockey?

There are twelve players on the ice at once during a hockey game. There are six players per side, including the goaltender.

How many games do hockey players play?

There is no limit to how many games of hockey a player will play in a year. This really varies.