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There is at least one. Nadia Comaneci received the first perfect 10 score in an Olympics gymnastic event in Montreal in 1976.

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Q: How many perfect 10 scores have there been in Olympic gymnastics?
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When did gymnastics start?

Gymnastics began long before the 1896 Olympic Games, Gymnastics was actually one of the original Olympic sports that was contested at the ancient Olympic Games in 776 B.C. The ancient Greeks have been doing gymnastics for centuries.

How long does it take to reach an olympic standard in gymnastics?

Most Olympic gymnasts have been seriously training since they were 6 or 7, and they probably started gymnastics when they were 3 or 4.

When did the artistic gymnastics join the olympic sports?

Artistic gymnastics has been in the modern Olympics for men since 1896 and for women since 1928.

Who are the most influential people to gymnastics?

Bela Karolyi - He has coached 2 Olympic champions, two members of USAs only Olympic gold winning team and has been involved in gymnastics since 1976. Nadia Comaneci - She was the very first gymnast to score a perfect 10 at the 1976 Olympic games. She went on to be awarded 7 perfect scores. Mary Lou Retton - She was not only the first American to win the all around Olympic gold, she was also the first to win any Olympic All around medal. Svetlana Khorkina - She was considered far too tall to be a gymnast, however, when on to win 2 Olympic golds, 3 silver, and one bronze. She has also won the all around at a world championship 3 times (if my memory serves me correctly). She is the only gymnast to have a move named after her on every apparatus. (3 skills on bars, 2 on beam, 1 on floor, and two on vault)

How long has gymnastics been a sport?

Gymnastics was one of the events in Ancient olympic games, but long before that in Crete, during Minoan period gymnastics (bull jumping) was one on the most popular sports.

What spasific reigion is gymnastics from?

Gymnastics has been around for centuries. Gymnastics comes from the word Gymnos, meaning naked in Greek. Which is were and how gymnastics started, with all men being naked in the Greek Olympic games. Ancient Greece is where gymnastics origionated but has become more modernized in China, America, Russia and the Ukraine.

What olympic sports start with A?

Archery was a sport at the 2016 summer Olympics. Artistic gymnastics has been a Summer Olympic event since the 1928 Olympics. Alpine skiing is a Winter Olympics sport.

Has the womens olympic gymnastics team changed over time?

Yes the number of gymnasts has been reduced from 7 in 1996, to 6 in 2000, to where it is now 5 in 2012

What sports has been contested at every single modern Summer Olympic Games - cycling rowing or weightlifting?

Cycling. Athletics, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, and swimming have been competed at all Summer Olympics

Which 5 sports have been contested at all modern summer olympic games?

Athletics, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, and swimming have been competed at all Summer Olympics since the 1896 Games in Athens.

When did Gymnastics get introduced to the Olympic Games?

Gymnastics has been a part of the Modern Games since their inception in 1896. History did not record when gymnastics began in the ancient Olympics but it is known that at the first Games in 776 BC there was only one event, that being a foot race of approximately 200 yards. As the Games became more popular, events such as gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, and weightlifting were added.

When did gymnastic start in Olympics?

Gymnastics was included in the ancient Greek Olympics and was very popular. They have also been in every modern Olympic Games since the games started in 1896.