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0.1% (6,111,056 people) of people worldwide practice Confucianism.

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Q: How many people worldwide adhere to Confucianism?
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How many followers are there in Confucianism worldwide?

About 6 million people follow Confucianism.

How many people practice Confucianism?

about 5 million worldwide

How many people in the US adhere to Confucianism?

Since religious freedom is a basic right in the constitution no one is required to report what religion they follow or beliefs. World wide about 1% practice it.

How many followers does Confucianism have?

5-6 million people follow Confucianism

What is deity of Confucianism?

There is no deity in confucianism. This is why many people argue that tis is not a religion.

How many people follow Confucianism?

Not that many people follow it.

How many people are in the Confucianism religion?


How many practice Confucianism today?

over million people practice confucianism today

How many followers are there in Confucianism?

Number of Confucianism followers in the world: 0.09% (6,111,056 people).

How Many People Practice Confucianism In the United States?

About 26,000.

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What do people who follow Confucianism believe?

They believe in so many things.

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How many people practice this religion Confucianism today in 2009?

the answer is the number 2.

World wide how many people follow Confucianism?

Apprx. 6 million

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