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Tiger Woods, Elin Woods, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel.

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One, tiger has had the same titlist scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter since the 99 masters. The putter is the same exact putter that he used in the masters.

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96 slaves and approximately 137 hookers

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Q: How many people work for Tiger Woods?
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Where did Tiger Woods work when he was younger?

Tiger Woods did not work when he was younger. He was a child prodigy, and began playing the game of golf as early as age 2.

Did anyone influence tiger woods work?


Did Tiger Woods work before he turned a pro golfer?

There are no reports that Tiger Woods ever worked before he turned pro.

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How did Tiger Woods become who he is?

Practice, hard work, dedication and talent.

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Does Tiger Woods 2010 for the Wii work with Wii speak?

what for its just golf.but no.

What was Tiger Woods child hood like?

Tiger Woods has reflected on his childhood as a very enjoyable one. He was to play baseball and basketball as well as obviously Golf. His dad used to take out a loan to take him to all the juniour events during the summer, and he used to work it off in the winter. He won many many tournaments as a juniour and had a dedicated golf coach from a very young age.

What was Tiger Woods' wife name?

Her name is Ellen Degenneres. I knew it wouldn't work out because shes lebanese!! H01y $h1t

What kind of events helped tiger woods get to where he is today?

Hard work, dedication and practice. Many people could see he was going to be a brilliant talent from a young age and he worked hard at the game. There are no events really, but you could say the launch pad was his 3 US Amateur championships.

Why is Fiona woods work important to her?

her work is important to her because she loves what she does and she also loves to help people

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