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Q: How many people were in the halftime show?
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What is the best halftime show in sports?

The halftime show at the Super Bowl

Who is performing at the 2011 BCS Championship halftime show?

switchfoot will have some role in the halftime show on ESPN

Has Taylor Swift ever played at a Super Bowl halftime show?

No, she never performed at a super bowl halftime show.

Were the who good at the Super Bowl halftime show?


Who is performing at the 2011 BCS national championship halftime?

switchfoot will have some role in the halftime show on ESPN

What was the halftime show of Super Bowl XVIII?

Halftime show "Salute to Superstars of the Silver Screen" with the University of Florida and Florida State University Bands.

Is halftime a noun?

Yes the word halftime is a noun. It is used to refer to the half time show in American football.

Was lady gaga ever in a halftime show?

yes she has

What is the halftime show for the super bowl?

Justin Timberlake

When is the Super Bowl halftime show taped?

Its live

Who is playing at Fiesta Bowl halftime show 2013?

It's the BCS Championship not the Fiesta Bowl tonight. Black Eye Peas are the halftime show.

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