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Q: How many people were at the parade in Boston after winning the Stanley cup?
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What was the attendance at the philadelphia flyers 1975 Stanley cup parade?

it was 2 million people.

How many people show up each year to watch the largest St Patrick's Day parade?

It depends on where the parade takes place. Boston's Saint Patrick Day Parade is one of the biggest and it sually has 300,000-400,000. New York once had 750,000 participants in the parade including the crowd, marchers, band, etc.

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If you are talking about tonights Stanley cup final game tonight then many people believe that canucks will win it but Boston may surprise us!

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As Henry crossed Wales and the Midlands, he found that people were flocking to his banner. Also, the Earl of Stanley observed the battle from a distance, and watched to see who was winning, before he joined the winning side.

How many people marched in Philadelphia Fourth of July parade?

There was 465760 people who marched in the parade.

Was the black parade a real parade?

no. it is a metaphor for when people die, they walk in the "black parade" to heaven or hell.

What are the release dates for People Parade - 2011?

People Parade - 2011 was released on: USA: 1 July 2011

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Because it involves royal people and it is a procession

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they are usually at a parade for the dragon coustume parade

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A parade.

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The people in charge of Macy's parade.

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