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84,490 people at Soccer City, Johannesburg.

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Q: How many people watched Spain vs Holland in the world cup final in the stadium?
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What stadium does Spain play their home games at?

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What will the score be Holland against Spain?

Spain beat Holland by one goal, it was scored by Inesita.

Is it Holland or Netherlands that played Spain?

Holland and The Netherlands are often used to refer to the same place. Holland is actually only a part of the Netherlands, so they are not the same thing. Many people don't know that and use both names to refer to the same thing. Usually when people use Holland they are intending to refer to the Netherlands. So technically it was the Netherlands and Spain beat them 1-0, but if you said Holland people would know what you mean.

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Who was the referee in the game of Holland and Spain in the world cup 2010?

The referee for the final between Spain and Holland, was the English referee Howard Webb.

Who is the winner of football world cup 2010?

Spain, they beat Holland 1-0 in the final.

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