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England did not win the World Cup in 1996. There was no World Cup in 1996. They won it in 1966. A total crowd of 96,924 people attended the final. Millions more would have watched on television in England and around the world.

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Q: How many people watched England win the world cup in 1996?
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Which country was arranged the 1996 World Cup?

There was no 1996 World Cup. However, there were the 1996 European Championships which were hosted by England.

Howany goals did England score in the 1996 world cup?

None. 1996 was the year of the European championships, held in England.

Did England won the FIFA World Cup in 1966?

Type your answer here... England won the world cup in 1996

Where was played first match of 1996 cricket world cup?

First match of 1996 world cup was between New Zealand and England on 14 February

Who is bobby Moore and what is his job?

Bobby Moore was the captain of England in the 1996 world cup.

Where was the1996 World Cup held?

There wasn't a world cup in 1996, it was Euro 96 held in good old England.

What is the kit that England wore then they won the world cup in 1996?

Red shirts and white shorts.

When did England last win the FIFA World Cup?

they won it in 1996 it was a big relief I'm watching England v Germany now and its Germany:2 England:1!

Who was the runner-up of the 1996 Cricket World Cup?

England was the runner-up of the 1979 Cricket World Cup.

Who was the captain of England in the 1983 Cricket World Cup?

Mike Denness was the captain of the England Cricket team in the 1975 Cricket World Cup.

How many people watch the 1996 world cup?

No one, there was no World Cup in that year.

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