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Q: How many people watch the NFL?
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How many people watch the NFL per week?


How many people watch NFL football on Sunday and monday nights?

thousands of people all over the world watch the games

What sport do many people watch after Thanksgiving?

The sport is football, especially the NFL.

How many people watch football on Sundays?

There are many people that watch football on Sundays. It is guessed that roughly sixty-four percent of all Americans watch NFL football on Sundays. Seventy-three percent of American men watch it on Sundays.

How many people watch the NFL playoffs?

On average 13 to 15 million people watch an NFL playoffs game now this number can and will change depending on what team is playing , time slot and the network that is broadcasting said game.

NFL vsNASCAR who's bigger?

NFL is the biggest a lot of people watch it around the world more then the NASCAR

Why does the NFL rarely play on Saturdays?

College football is on Saturday. Having them on two different days keeps them from losing viewers to one another. Many people like to watch both and can't if they are on at the same time. This way people can watch college football on Saturday and professional football on Sunday and the NFL and NCAA get the most possible viewers.

How many people play in the NFL?

in 2012 there is about 1,696 people that play in the NFL

How do i watch nfl ticket on my ps4?

You can only watch the NFl on the PS4 if you buy a card to watch it. You will have to have internet and a play card.

Why does the NFL have cheerleaders?

it's so simple... its so that more people will watch the game!

Are people allowed to watch NFL teams practices?

Yes, but only certain ones.

How do you get ready for the NFL?

I watch NFL Network.

Can you watch NFL games in Italy?

If you have cable in Italy, you could watch NFL games in Italy.

Where online can one watch live NFL games?

NFL Game Can Be Watched Live on the Official NFL Website There Are Also Many Apps and Other Downloadable Programs That Allow a Person to Watch Live NFL Games or Other Sports Events on a Phone, Tablet, or Other Mobile Device.

How many people watch netball on TV?

How many people watch netball at all

What does the NFL consider before giving a city a football team?

How many people will watch. They want the most profit so they want a big city with lots of fans.

Where can you watch the NFL championships?

You can watch NFL games live on your computer. Look for the related link below

How many people watch soccer in Mexico?

There is not statistics on how many people watch soccer in Mexico. It is estimated that millions of people watch the sport annually.

Do more people watch NFL or Major League Baseball in the US?

NFL is proven to have 2.3 times the ammount of viewers than MLB, in the united states.

Where can you watch NFL live stream free?

There are several ways to watch a NFL live stream for free. Certain games are made available on the official ESPN website and many cable and satellite providers also offer customers an app to watch this live stream.

How do you watch NFL streaming online for free?

Watch NFL here free. See the related link below

Why are there so many NFL football games on at the same time?

Most of the games are on Sundays because most people have Sundays off so all of the fans can watch their team.

Which channel can you watch the NFL draft on?

ESPN or NFL Network.

How many people watch soccer worldwide?

Many people watch soccer worldwide, and even more people around the world watch it than in the United States. It is estimated that about 750 to 800 million people watch soccer.

How many people watch sesame street?

i need to know how many people watch sesame street