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It depends on what hockey you are talking about.

Are you talking about Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, street hockey?

Or are you talking about all of them?

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for every 1 person that watches hocky their are 79.5 people watching Basketball

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Q: How many people watch hockey over baseball?
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How many people watch hockey in a day?

millions of people

How many canadians watch hockey night in Canada?

4 Million

Why do people need baseball?

Many people make money bacause of it. It's also a great sport to watch.

Do you like to play hockey?

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaI LOVE HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!i absolutely LOVE to watch it,, i only wish i could play it;; I'm trying to work on that

How many people in hockey?

They have 69 people on a team

What sport did Americans like to watch during the 1920s?

Americans did and still enjoy many spectator sports. Several include baseball, American football, ice hockey, golf and basketball.

What if you had 80 baseball and half as many basketball as football cards and 20 more hockey cards than basketball cards and half as many football cards as baseball how many hockey cards would i have?

You start backwards, you know you have 80 baseball so that makes 40 football. 20 basketball, and 40 hockey.

How many people in US are sports fans?

Sports is very popular in the United States. Over five minutes of every thirty minute news broadcast is about sports. The Super Bowl is the most popular program in America and millions watch baseball, football, basketball and hockey.

What sports do people play in Nova Scotia?

People in Nova Scotia play several sports, including ice hockey, soccer, rugby and baseball.

How many people play Fantasy Hockey worldwide?

about 40,000,000 people

How many people like fighting in hockey?


How many people play hockey in mass?

A lot