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a lot of people watch cheer leading so if you are going to be a cheerleader do not be scared to have a lot of people in front of you.

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2010-02-28 18:30:32
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Q: How many people watch cheerleading?
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How many people have gotten hurt doing jumps doing cheerleading?

TMTC (Too many to count). Watch You Tube for some videos of cheerleading bloopers.

How many people want cheerleading to be a sport?

it is a sport

How many people are on a cheerleading team?

There can be anywhere from 4-15ish people on a team.

How many people like cheerleading?

i dont know how many, but mostly girls

How many people have died doing cheerleading?

72.5 since 2010

Is cheerleading a type of dance?

Many people have different opinions if cheerleading is a type of dance. But basically dance is included in cheerleading. Of course you do all the stunts and tumbling but you also have dance sequences! :D

How many people die in cheerleading each year?

5-15 people die each year because of cheerleading. It's even illegal in some parts of the world.

How many people participate in cheerleading worldwide?

an estimated 15 million participants.

How many people can be on a cheerleading team?

There really isnt a limit on how many there can be on a team but there is usually 32+ on a team, the cheerleading squad can also have multipule squads based on age or, skill.

How many people participate in cheer leading?

There are thousands of people who participate in cheerleading in California alone. It is estimated that the national average is about 500 thousand people who participate in some form of cheerleading each year.

Why is cheerleading fun to do?

Many people think it is fun! However people think it's stupid! But, that isn't what Cheerleading is. Cheerleading is fun, not stupid! Cheerleading is fun because you get to meet new people, have school spirit, compete in competitions, learn a lot of cheers and dances and stunts and jumps. And though some cheerleaders just do it for the attention and outfits, most like to do it for themselves and just the joy of cheerleading itself. Hope this helped!

How many people join cheerleading a year?

In America, over 90 thousand a year.

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