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Q: How many people watch bullfighting each year?
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How many people are injured each year in bullfighting in Spain?

Its rare that people become injured in bullfighting each year, in 2010 however there was an accident where 40 people were injured. It is more likely though that one wrong move of a matador and he will be maimed or gored by the bull. It is rare to see more than one or two fatalities per year due to bullfighting in Spain. Over 24000 bulls are killed each year in bullfighting in Spain.

How many people die from bullfighting in France each year?

There are rarely any deaths from bullfighting in France (or elsewhere) and it has been a number of years since a death occurred in a French bullring.

How many people die a year from bullfighting?


Why do people celebrate bullfighting?

People celebrate bullfighting because it is a tradition in many cultures. Some people think that it is cruel, but take a look at boxing and wrestling!

How many people watch TV each day?

There are over 238,000,000 people watch television each day and evening too.

Why do people disagree with bullfighting?

Bullfighting is sport in which endangers both humans and bulls involved. This is one of the many reasons it is illegal in the UK.

How many people watch american football each week?

a lot!

How many people watch el clasico?

OVER 200 million people each year.

Why do people participate in bullfighting?

Bullfighting is almost as old as human civilization. The first records of a bullfight date from around 2,500 BC. The origin is almost certainly religious ritual. The ancient Romans brought bullfighting to Spain, where it later - and until the 19th century - became closely connected with all kinds of religious festivities. In some parts of Spain (and in many of Spain's former colonies in Middle and south America) it is still popular as a traditional spectator sport, with many now bloodless varieties. Why people participate? Mostly, because it's a job. Why people like to watch? In the case of the bullfighting-to-the-death varieties, for the same reason they watch traffic accidents or a guy walking a tightrope across the Niagara Falls.

How many people watch television each day in the world?

12 million

How many people watch soccer each year?

The number is suspected to be in the millions.

Why is Spain famous for bullfighting?

Bullfighting in its current form developed in Spain although many ancient cultures had some form of bull taunting or bullfighting.

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It would appear between 1 and 2 million people watch each episode of The Fairly OddParents

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1000's each day

How many acts were composed in bullfighting?


How many bullfighting paintings did Goya do?


How many people watch eastenders?

Between 7-8 million each night on average.

How many people watch tv in the UK each day?

According to my research 31 billion

How many people watch Britain's got talent each year?

An average of 20 million.

How many people have died in bullfighting?

Only one or two every five years. Many more before penicillin was invented.

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like only 10 people each day cause nobody likes it

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How many people watch netball at all

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