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depends on the sport most are 10 or 12 players

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Q: How many people take part in sport?
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Why do so many people take part in football?

Because its the best sport in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why you take part in sport?

people like sport because it is fun and they enjoy what they are doing

Where do people come from to take part in a sport?


Do people hunt quails?

Yes, sadly :('s actually a sport that many [sick] people take part in wherever quails are found.

Why don't people take part in sport?

maybe they are lazy or do not like sports.

Why Do People take part in Sport involving risk?

because they are looking for risk

What sport did Helen Glover take part in?


How many players are there in the sport kho kho?

Kho Kho, is a sport that is played in Bangladesh and is taken part by twelve players either side, but only nine players either side take part in the game of play.

How has sports adapted for disabled people?

It depends entirely on the sport in question and the individual expecting to take part as no 2 disabilities or disabled people have the same "abilities".

How many years did it take cheerleading to become a real sport?

Cheerleading is actually still fighting to make some people consider it a real sport. It depends on who you ask as to whether or not it is a sport.

What sport did Steve redgrave take part in?


What are the three main areas why people take part in sport?

Three reasons why someone plays a sport is because it is fun. People might want to stay fit and maybe if the persons wants to meet new friends or do something different with there friends

Which countries take part in cricket?

Two countries that take part in cricket are Australia and Bangladesh. Also, England and India also take part in the sport of cricket.

What sport did Mark Spitz take part in?

Mark Spitz participated in the sport of swimming.

How many people take part in gymnastics?


What is boxing?

boxing is a sport that people all round the world take part in it is also in the olympics.its were 2 people fight with boxing gloves on obviously .Boxing is a martial sport in which two competitors score points by exchanging punches above the waist.

Should school pupils be able to take part in sport?

Students must take part in sports, as sport helps to keep them on healthy diets and fit. If they don't take part in sports at school, they'd be lazy and that is one reason why some children get obese.

What sport did Daley Thompson take part in?

Daley Thompson took part in the decathlon. This sport is a combination of ten track and field events.

Does Spain take part in the Olympics?

Yes, but not in the sport of curling.

How can you take part in sport after stopped as professional?

U could take part in a community league, city league, or private leaugue

What do you call pe for high school people?

It can be a sport or general pe. If you don't take a sport, you take general pe

Why people call Field Hockey is dying sport?

Field Hockey is not a dying sport. It may be classed as a minority sport but due to the many people who take part in the sport it is hard to believe its a minority sport but only in the sense that it is not as highly publicised as soccer, cricket or even rugby. Presently 127 hockey playing countries are the associate members of the FIH (International Field Hockey Federation) from the 5 Continents: Africa - 17, Asia - 30, Europe - 9, Oceana - 45 and Pan America - 26.

What happens if your stressed and take part in sport?

depending on your stress levels, your performance may vary to a point where you take all frustration out on your opponents. now this is ok as long their is no physical danger of injuring your opponent(s). sport has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels in people so it can be a good idea to play sport when stressed :)

How many people will take part in the Olympics?

over a 100

How many people take part in the Brazilian carnival?