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4 people speed skate at on time

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Q: How many people speed skate?
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Do you have to be skinny to skate?

No. It certainly helps alot... but there are plenty of "heavy set" people who speed skate.

How many people in skating?

There are hundreds of thousands of people who Speed Skate. There are people all over Asia, Canada, the USA and Europe.

How many people in California ice skate?

How many people ice skate in California

How many people were on the Titanic and skate pods?

Skate pods and Titanic.

How many laps in 500 meter speed skate race?


How do you ice speed skate?

skate like you are glideing on air

How many people figure skate?


How many millimeters is the woman's 3000 meter speed skate?

3000000 millimeters

What is speed skate racing?

Speed Skating is an olympic sport.

How many people skate board in the world?


How many kilometers is the men's 5000 meter speed skate in the winter oplympics?

5 km

What are the Norway speed skaters?

Norwegians that skate fast

How many millimeters is the women 3000 meter speed skate?

1 speed skate= 3000m 1m= 100cm 1cm= 10 mm so 3,000 times 100 times 10 3,000,000 mm (three million millimeters)

Why can't black people skate?

There are many black people who can, in fact, skate, so the question of why is not valid. For those who cannot, it because of the same reason any person of any color can't skate; it is because they did not learn to.

How many kilometers is the women's 1000 meter speed skate?

1000 meters is equal to a distance of 1 kilometer.

How many centuries ago did people 1st ice skate?

About 10 centuries.

People skate at a?

IN an oval.

Which ice skate has Canada printed on in?

Maple Speed Skating Company

Why does friction effect speed on a skate board?

Pure physics bro. More friction less speed.

World class speed skaters can skate a 3000-mcoursein about 4 minutes what is the average speed?


What is the best make of ice skates?

There isn't just on company that makes the ultimate skate. There are many different types of speed skates, all companies have their own number 1 skate. The major speed skating companies in North America are Apex, Maple and Bont.

Why people skate inschool's courtyard after school?

it has ledges and stairs to skate or grind on

What is the minimum age to start speed skating?

There is no minimum age. As long as you can skate, you can speed skate. Honestly, if your 1 years old, but yo can stand on skates and move forward... You could sign up for your local speed skating club.

What do you do when you want to learn figure skating?

If you want to learn how to skate, you should sign up for some lessons at your local rink. Many rinks have learn to skate, or skate school programs for people to sign up.

How many syllables are in the word 'skate'?

The word skate has one syllable.