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around 500000000 people smoke a day

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Q: How many people smoke a day?
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How many smokes do people smoke per day?

i smoke 1 million packs a year

How many cigarettes do people smoke a day on average?

about five cigarettes

How many packets do smokers smoke a day?

Depends, some bad smokers smoke, 2-5 packs a day, and regular smokers, smoke around 1 pack a day, and people quitting smoke around 3 to 5 ciggaretts a day.

How many kids smoke a day?

50 a day

How many cigarettes a day does the average smoker smoke?

i smoke about a pack a day. but, i am also 13.

How many people smoke?

About 5.5 million smoke

How many people in New Zealand smoke tobacco?

How many people smoke in New Zealand

How many children smoke each day?

almost 1 lakh children smoke each day

How many people don't smoke in the world?

About 5.3 billion people do not smoke.

How many people still smoke in the us?

20000 people smoke in the us

How many people smoke in Delaware?

their is 1.6 million people who smoke in Delaware

How many children today will die prematurely from smoke related disease?

i think its about 100 people a day

How many ciggeretts do people smoke a day?

Depends How Much They Really Want Lung Cancer... Haha

How many people smoke in India?

15% public smoke.

How many times do people smoke?

only once you smoke

How many people smoke now?


Wow many people smoke in the world?

one thousand people smoke in the UK

How much weed does an average user smoke each day?

I'm not sure there really is an average amount. Some people smoke only on special occasions, a few times a year. Some people smoke every few weeks. Some people smoke only on weekends. Some people take one or two hits each day. Some people smoke one bowl (one pipeful) or one joint each day. Some people smoke 2 bowls or joints a day. Or 4 bowls/joints a day. Or even more.

Do people smoke more marrijuana or tobacco?

Roughly 50 million Americans smoke up to two packs of cigarettes a day. Allegedly, 14 million people smoke perhaps a couple of joints a day.

Why do so many people smoke weed if it smells absolutely repulsively disgusting?

People that smoke "weed" don't smoke it for the smell of the smoke, they smoke it for the effect it has on them.

How many cigarettes does Cheryl Cole smoke a day?

This is unknown and it varies day to day.

How many people smoke worldwide?

It is estimated that 1.45 Billion people smoke in the world as of 2010.

How many cigarettes are smoked per person per day?

Depends on the person. Some people, who are not addicted as much, can only smoke a few cigarettes a day, while others can smoke loads and loads of packs.

How many people in the world smoke pot?

20% of people in the world smoke it, 45% of people in the world have tried it.

How many cigarettes do you have to smoke to get cancer?

There is no set amount of cigarettes to cancer ratio. Some people may go though there life smoking 20 a-day and still live to an old age, cancer free. The risk goes up with the more you smoke, people who smoke 20 a-day have more chance than a 10 a-day smoker.