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no more than 10 :) xx

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Q: How many people should be on a spy team?
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What languages should a spy know?

Preferably the language of the people he's trying to spy on.

Who was the first know spy?

He is a spy. You should live with not knowing his name. Plus he is a spy he does not want people knowing his name.

Is it sinful to spy on other people?

spying on other people is a sin we should not spy because god does not want us to do that we should mind our own business and concentrate on ourselves and believing and serving god and plus if you do spy on someone you might start to gossip god does not want us to hurt peoples feelings and plus what people are talking about is personal so do not spy it is a sin and plus if you think you should not do something then you should not do it I hope this helps you understand

Is it easy to spy on people?

You shouldn't spy on people

Can you be a spy for the CIA?

yes you can be 10 years old to be in the cia or the spy team

Who is Scout's father from Team Fortress 2?

The Spy..!

What are the release dates for Team Toon - 2013 Spy Girl 1-19?

Team Toon - 2013 Spy Girl 1-19 was released on: USA: 2013

What does the spy say in team fortress 2?

The Spy has hundreds of saying, like every character, for different situations.

How To Spy With A DS?

There is no way to spy on people using a DS.

Who is the Team Fortress 2 spy's voice actor?

Dennis Bateman is the voice actor for the spy. He also does the pyro's voice.

Should I you spy on my kid?


How do you get Chrono Ivan in Red alert 2?

you get a allied team on skirmish and train a spy MAKE SURE you have a soviet team as a enemy then take that spy and make it look like a soviet (by the time you have a spy the soviet should hav a battle lab ) send your spy over to the soviet battle lab(if your battle lab is guarded by a wall send a few tanks or ifvs over and destroy part of the wall )then you should have crono iavan . and if you want a crono commando (kina like a crono Ivan and a navy seal mixed ) then do this same prosses but with a allied enemy