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11 players total, 10 field players, and 1 goalie.

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Q: How many people play soccer at a time on one time?
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How many people on a soccer team play at a time?


How many people play soccer in real Madrid?

11 at a time

How many plays do you have to learn at one time in soccer?

How many plays can you play at one time in soccer

What do people in Tanzania do in their spare time?

play soccer

How many people play in a soccer team?

i guess there isn't really a number as to how many can be on the team. but only 11 people go out on the feild at a time

How do people in Colombia past the time?

they play soccer witch is football

How many soccer players on a team can play at a time?

Only eleven footballers in a club can play at a time.

Where they play soocer?

People play soccer in a soccer field, which are located in almost any park. Professionals play usually in soccer stadiums. If this does not answer your question, please be more specific next time.

How many players play at a time for a team in soccer?

11 players play for each team in a soccer match (including the goalkeeper.)

Who has the top score of all time in soccer?

th people who play on the feild

How many players can play on the field at one time for soccer?


What do French people do in their leisure time?

French people play soccer or as they call it futball. They also play rugby, and bike.

What sports do Quebec people play in the spring time and fall?

people in my area of Quebec play soccer, hockey's popular.

What did the Iroquois and Algonquians do for fun?

the plains people loved to play soccer in there free time

How many players in u-12 play at one time in soccer?


How many players on a middle school soccer team?

11 play at a time.

How many players get to play at one time on a pro soccer team?


What is the role of each position on the soccer field?

how many people can be on the field in soccer at one time

What do polish people do in their spare time?

alright, so the population is about 38.7 million, and most people their like to play sports and play games on their spare time. they play many different sports, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, just like americans. :)

How many people become soccer players?

At this time are very many people soccer player in Europe must soccer player are in Russia and in word Brasil have most soccer player Source:

What does messi do in his spare time?

Play soccer: - )

How many people on beach volley ball?

how many people can play vooley ball at a time how many people can play vooley ball at a time

What do people do for fun in Iraq?

people in Iraq Love to play soccer in there free time and chat away with family and freinds=]

How many play soccer?

It is impossible to know how many people play the sport because it is played on such a wide scale. If you mean duing a game, 22 players are on the field at one time. 11 from each team. Did you know that Soccer (Football) is the world's most popular sport?

When and where do women play soccer?

any time and any where