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well we dont actually record how many people play football at any place, but im sure the number of people that play football has increase since the 1980s.

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Q: How many people play professional football in Britain?
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How many people attend professional football games each year?

usually over 38,000 people per game kool huh!!

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How many professional football teams are there?

pro football otherwise known as the NFL has 32 teams.

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55Type your answer here...

How many professional football teams does Arkansas have?

There are 6 football teams: The Arkansas Razorbacks and 5 College Football Teams.

How many people in the world play professional football?

In terms of Soccer (Football) there are over 2 million that play professionally on some level. It is estimated that 2.65 billion people play the game worldwide altogether.

All non- profit professional football teams?

How many professional football teams are nonprofit Only one I know is the green bay packers

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The Carlton Football Club, nicknamed "The Blues", are the only professional team representing Carlton in the Australian Football League (AFL). They are one of 18 teams playing Australian rules football.

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Do you mean semi-professional?

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92 Professional Football clubs from what I gather.I dont think there is a record of Amateur Football Clubs tho.

How many people in Britain are in Britain?

about 56.5 million

What sports are played in great Britain?

There are many sports played in Britain - including (but not limited to) Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and american football.

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how many players played in professional football with out going to college

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In France, soccer is known as football. Not many people play the American version of football in France. It is impossible to know exactly how many people play football in a given country.

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how many cards he got is 14

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There are 92 Football clubsin the football league and about 8 in NON LEAGUE so about 100

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Is Math Used in Professional Football?

Yes they have to count how many yards they run or throw

Does south America have a pro football team?

There are professional football (soccer) leagues in many countries in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Equador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela). There are no professional American football teams in South America.

How many people are in Britain?

59 million people.