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Q: How many people play football in new zealand?
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How many people play soccer in France?

In France, soccer is known as football. Not many people play the American version of football in France. It is impossible to know exactly how many people play football in a given country.

How many people play football in England?


How many people play football in Brazil?

Most people in Brazil isn´t even interested in football, because they play soccer instead.

How many people play football in the UK?

well there are millonz

How many people dont play football?

20% of all Americans have not even lokked at a football

Do Spanish people play football?

yes Spanish people do play football

How many people play football in Australia?

Football is being played by approximately 14 157 914 people in Australia.

What equipments you need to play football?

football and people to play

How many total people are on the field to play football?


How many people does it take to play fantasy football?

One person

What sports do Irish people play?

Many. Typical examples include Gaelic Football, football and rugby

How many people are on a normal offense play in footabll?

Canadian football- 12 American football- 11