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Q: How many people play college football each year?
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How many people watch college football each week?

35 million people will e watching the NCAA Rose Bowl in 2009.

How many people watch the college football national championship?

aproximatly 45 million people watched the 2007 College Football National Championship

How many minutes are in each quarter of a college football game?


How many minutes in college football game?

Four quarters of 15 minutes each.

How many college player are on the field during a football game?

the answer would be about 63 considering that each football "college" team is about 30 players long...

How many halves and minutes do college have?

In men's college basketball there are 2 halves at 20 minutes each In men's college football there are 4 quarters at minutes each

How many player are on the football field during a game?

the answer would be about 63 considering that each football "college" team is about 30 players long...

How many college football games are played at home stadiums each year?


Why is college football so popular?

College football is popular because football in general is one of the most popular sports in the US. College is appealing to many people because the athletes are playing for the love of the game and not for money.

How many people attend college football games?

30 million

How many people can you fit in a college football stadium?

i think 20000

How many college football teams are there?

There are approximately 119 college football teams.

How many people Tailgate at NCAA college football games?

millions of people, i guessType your answer here...

How many quarters in college football?

There are 4, 15 minuite quarters in College Football

How many rivalries are there in college football?

There are hundreds of rivalries in college football, too many to be named.

How many people watch college basketball?

no one, football (soccer) is better.

How many people watch college football every week?

College football is viewed weekly by over 130 million viewers. The College Bowl games have about 15 million viewers per game.

How many people are on a football team in play?

11 people are on each team

How many people visit the Pro Football hall of Fame each year?

Over 20,000 people visit the Pro football hall of Fame each year.

How many years of college do you need to be a football player?

you dont always need college to be a football player but you have to go to college to play college football

How many timeouts in a college football game?

Each team gets 3 timeouts per half.

How many people are supposed to be on the field in American football?

Each team has to have 11 players, and there are from 3 to 8 officials (5 in most high school games, 5 or 6 in many college games, 7 in professional, 8 in Division 1 college).

How many people drop out of college each year?

2,000 people dropout

How many people are needed for a american football game minimum?

11 for each team.

How many people watch american football each week?

a lot!