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Q: How many people play basketball in the US?
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How many people in the US play basketball?

The same amount of times that I had sex your mom..... 987,654,321,098,765,432,109,876,543,210,987,654,321

What percentage of people in US play basketball?

About 30 percent.

How many students play youth basketball in the US?


How many girls play basketball in the US?

If your talking about the wnba its is about 340

How many kids in the US play basketball?

just about 1.1 million

What sports do people in the US play?

People play many sports in the United States. Several include American football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, golf and tennis.

How many people play volleyball in the US?

46 million people play in the US.

How many people in the US wear basketball shoes?

almost everybody

Does the US play lots of basketball?


What kinds of sports do Holland play?

People in Holland play the same kind of sports as we do here in the US. They play basketball, volleyball, baseball, and soccer.

How many people play in us soccer?


Why do professional Australian basketballers mainly play in the US?

They can make more money plus they can play against better talent as many players from many different countries come to the US to play basketball.

How many people play soccer worldwide What percentage is that compared to how many people play in the US?


Is tripping a foul in NCAA basketball?

Probably yes... i play basketball and they call it on us...

Who where the first people to play the game of basketball in the US?

College students attending Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

When did Steve Nash play basketball in the US?

Steve Nash play basketball in santa Clara in 1992-93 season.

How popular is softball in the us?

Softball is actually very popular in the US, but it is not one of the main sports people play like soccer or basketball.

How many people play lacrosse in the US?


Who was the first woman in the US to play basketball?

The roots of women basketball lead us back to Senda Berenson number 8.

How did basketball get popular?

Basketball is fun to play and watch for millions of people, sooo it got popular. Basketball is considered the second most played sport in the US, football being the first. It has alot of plays and rules.

Who were the first professional basketball players to play for the US Olympic men's basketball team?

LeBron James

How many people play a sport in the us?

23.6 million people in the U.S. play pro sports

How many people play softball in the US?

About 56 million people play softball around the world

How many people play us soccer?

250 million

How many people play football in the US?

3 million