How many people play Starcraft?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: How many people play Starcraft?
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What sports do the people play in Asia?

they play alot of computer games, like starcraft

How do you play starcraft?

Check out the related links for a guide on how to play and get good at starcraft.

How do you play starcraft broodwar online battlenet?

You can play Starcraft Broodwar online on

How can you play Starcraft whithout the disk?

You can play Starcraft without the disc by downloading it or burning the copy into your computer.

Do they play Starcraft in South Korea?

Yes, starcraft is very popular in South Korea.

How do you play Starcraft 2 and how much does it cost?

You can purchase it everywhere, in store, online... for $60 You can start by playing Campaign which is very basic and it will show you step by step to play Starcraft 2 if you've never play the original one. Even if you did played the Starcraft Brood war, there is many thing you have to get use to. Then after that you can play VS AI and Challenge to build up your skill before get roll into the (you can sign up for free) to duel with people. Enjoy.

What type of of computer do you need to play Starcraft 1?

Starcraft 1 is not very hard on computers. Pretty much any cheap computer today will play it. Starcraft 2 is a different story...

How do you get Starcraft free?

First off, you can play Starcraft by downloading the torrents. If you have a friend who has Starcraft, upload his number then you can download free, legal copies of Starcraft (10 spawns from a single CD).

How do you play Starcraft multiplayer without using

You can go to UDP Connetion and find the guy with the same starcraft code and play um

Will you be able to play Starcraft II between a PC and MAC?

From what Blizzard is saying so far Starcraft II will be for both PC and Mac. And from my experience with warcraft 3 battle net allows you to play with people on both Macs and PCs

On the setup menu for Starcraft you push play Starcraft and it goes back to the setup menu?

Question fail.

How do you play Starcraft on a public computer?

Starcraft must be downloaded on the computer and it must meet the graphic requirements.