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An Olympic Field Hockey team has a roster of sixteen players.

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Q: How many people on an olympic hockey team?
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Who was captain of Indian Hockey Team in 1928 Olympic?

Jaipal Singh Munda was the captain of Indian Hockey Team in 1928 Olympic.

How many players on an Olympic ice hockey team?

Olympic rosters are allowed 23 players to be listed officially.

How many Olympic medals has the Indian Hockey team won to date?

By 2008, the Indian hockey team had achieved a total of 14 medals, predominantly bronze.

What Olympic Team did Wayne Gretzky Coach?

He didn't coach any team. He was the general manager of sorts and assembled both the 2002 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team and the 2006 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team.

How many persons comprise a hockey team What position do they play?

How many people comprise a hockey team what position do they play

How many times have a women's Canadian hockey team won a Olympic gold?


What year was Team Canada founded?

There are many versions of Team Canada. They compete at the Olympic games and internationally in soccer, hockey, basketball and baseball. The most famous is the Team Canada hockey team and they were founded in 1963.

Is there offside in Olympic hockey?

Yes, there is offsides in Olympic hockey. Olympic rules are basically the same as NHL rules, except for icing. Icing in Olympic hockey is automatically blown down as icing whereas in the NHL, the team that iced the puck must beat the other team to the puck for it not to be icing.

Who won the most olympic medals for India?

Their Olympic Field Hockey Team.

Who was on the 1950 Canadian Olympic hockey team?

There were no Winter Olympic Games in 1950s!

Who coached the US men's Olympic ice hockey team in 1988?

Dave Peterson, who was also the head coach of the 1992 U.S. Men's Olympic ice hockey team.

At which Olympic games did the British men's hockey team win gold?

The men's field hockey team won gold at the 1908, 1920, and 1988 Summer Olympic Games.

Has Canada olympic hockey team ever won gold in hockey before?

IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many people in hockey?

They have 69 people on a team

Which country men hockey team is the most successful hockey team in olympic history with 8gold 1silver and 2bronze medals?


How many people can be on an olympic team?

There is no official limit on how many Olympians there are in a team.

What is the highest score in sport history?

it was 18 goals in hockey by the Canadian womens olympic hockey team. so many goals... so little quarters

How many hockey players on the Canada Olympic team play in the NHL?

Every member of the 2010 Canadian Olympic Men's Ice Hockey team currently plays for an NHL team. For more on the roster, check out:'s_team_rosters#.C2.A0Canada

Who is the captain of the German hockey team?

The captain of the 2010 Winter Olympic German hockey team captain is Marco Sturm of the Boston Bruins.

What is the value of a hockey stick signed by the 1938 Indian Olympic hockey team?

7,450 us dollars

How much is a hockey stick autographed by the 2010 US Olympic Hockey Team?

buy it from me for 2 cents

Is jarome iginla a canaidien olympic player?

Yes, on Canada's Olympic hockey team.

How many people are in a children's hockey team?

7 people on the pitch

Who was the captain of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team?

Voted best Defensive Forward for 4 consecutive years by the New England Hockey Writers, Mike Eruzione also captained the 1980 U.S. Olympic Team.

What are the release dates for The First Miracle 1960 US Olympic Hockey Team - 2006 TV?

The First Miracle 1960 US Olympic Hockey Team - 2006 TV was released on: USA: 2006