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Q: How many people move to Edmonton in a year?
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How many people come to West Edmonton Mall per month?

There are 35 million people that visit west edmonton in one year.

How many people go to the West Edmonton Mall in a year?


How many hours of sunshine does Edmonton Alberta get in a year?

2300 hours

What is the population of Alberta Edmonton 2012?

The numbers for 2012 will not be released until next year. However, for 2011, the number of people residing in Edmonton was 812,201, and the population of the Edmonton metropolitan area was 1,159,869.

What year did a tornado hit Edmonton?

Tornadoes are rare in Edmonton, but on July 31, 1987, a F4 tornado struck Edmonton killing 27 people. That day is commonly referred to as Black Friday.

How many people move to Spain each year?


Can a 17 year old move out in Edmonton?

No, they have not reached the age of majority in BC. Until then the parents have to be responsible and make the decisions.

How much rain does Edmonton get in a year?

Edmonton gets 22cm (Approx.) of rain per year.

How much rain does Edmonton get a year?

Edmonton gets 22cm (Approx.) of rain per year.

How many people in the US move to different city each year?

on average about 33,675 people move from city to city in america.

How many people move in together per year?

on average 2.3 million

What is the weather like in Edmonton?

whats the average tempature for edmonton