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Manchester in the United Kingdom has a population of 514,417 people. It is the sixth largest city in the United Kingdom.

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Q: How many people live in Manchester UK?
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What is the population of Manchester UK?

the population is about 750,000 ( and still counting)AnswerThe population of the city of Manchester, England was 452,000, as of 2006 estimate. "How big is manchester?"I live in Manchester. Greater Manchester has 2.2 million people but Manchester city has over 500,000.

How many people live in Lincoln UK?

there is 93,541 that live in lincoln uk :)

How many black people in Manchester UK?

4.5% of the population of Manchester City (1.2% of greater manchester) is black african. So a fecking lot anyway, but not as many as London. Also - 9.1% of Manchester City (and 5.7% of greater Manchester) are Asian.

How can people get to Sheffield?

Do you live in the UK? If so, you can get a bus, train, coach or drive there. If you live outside, you will probably need to fly to Manchester or Sheffield (Doncaster) airport.

What other large cities are there in the UK and how many people live there?

19 percent of people live in towns and cities in the UK

How many people live in Lincoln?

there is 93,541 that live in Lincoln uk :)

How many Polish people live in the UK?

I would say about 800,000-1,200,000 Polish live in the UK

How many miles is it from London UK to Johannesburg?

It is 9337 km from Manchester UK

Why does Manchester have so many people living in it?

Manchester is at the heart of the north and is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the UK. Along with many jobs the city has a thriving nightlife and art scene.

How many people live in UK?

62.300.000 (2010)

How many Turkish people live in the UK?


What do you call a native of Manchester?

People from Manchester in the UK are called "Mancunian" said "Man-Que-Nee-An"

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