How many people like the packers?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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because there so famous

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Q: How many people like the packers?
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How many people were rutting for the Green Bay Packers?


Who is the president of the Green Bay Packers?

Currently president obama but many people are contreversiely on whether romney is going to be the president of the GREEN BAY PACKErs

Are there people that are packers fans and from Chicago?

yes of course im wearing a packers shirt while walking around in Chicago nobody messed with me cause im tough like nails

How many people have the Green Bay Packers put in the football Hall of Fame?


How many people live in GB?

Not many...just think about this...when ever there's a packers game the whole city is shutdown

How did the Green Bay Packers effect Wisconsin?

The Green Bay Packers bring many people to Wisconsin to watch the football games and visit the Green Bay Packer Museum. The Green Bay Packers made an annual revenue of $441 million in 2017.

Do you like Green Bay Packers?


Does Justin bieber like the Green Bay Packers?

justin bieber does not like the green bay packers beacause that is not his favorite team

How many times did the Bears lose to the Packers when Brett Favre was the quarterback of the Packers?


How many supper bols did the packers win?

The packers have won 4 Super Bowls.

Does Brett Favre like the packers?

I am not sure because he did dump the Packers for the stupid Viking's. I think he still is a fan of the Packers! But if he was a true fan he wouldn't have dumped them!

Does Justin bieber like the packers?

Yes he does