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i dont know how many, but mostly girls

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โˆ™ 2011-05-23 17:35:05
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Q: How many people like cheerleading?
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Do people like cheerleading?


Do more people like cheerleading or womens beach volleyball?


How did society react to cheerleading?

some people that don't like cheerleading think that its not a sport and that if guys do it then they are gay. but if people like cheer then they think that it is a sport

How many people want cheerleading to be a sport?

it is a sport

How many people are on a cheerleading team?

There can be anywhere from 4-15ish people on a team.

How many people have gotten hurt doing jumps doing cheerleading?

TMTC (Too many to count). Watch You Tube for some videos of cheerleading bloopers.

Think of a way for someone to like cheerleading?

There are alot of reasons for someone to like cheerleading. Reasons such as:StuntingDancingCheeringTumblingRepresenting the most spiritedPerforming in front of audiencesThere are MANY more but that is all that I can think of at the moment.

What age did they begin with in cheerleading?

you can be any age i know people who started at the age of like 4

What does Miley Cyrus like to do?

She like cheerleading.

How many people in a cheerleading sqaud?

Well, there can be anywhere from 5-30 (estimated) on a team/squad!

How come cheerleading?

People choose to do cheerleading, whether it be school or all-star, becasue: They want to build strength They want to promote school spirit They like to perform They like the challenge They like to tumble/stunt They like to be competitive They want to participate in a fun team sport

What is an injury that can prevent you from cheerleading forever?

There are many injurys in cheerleading but some that can prevent you from cheerleading are spine injurys neck injurys sincerely, Dr.Bostick

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