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It is not known exactly how many people in the world like Basketball. This sport is very popular in the United States where it originated and draws millions of fans each year.

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Q: How many people in the world like basketball?
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How many people like basketball?

I think that about 20 billion people like basketball by Ana

How many people play basketball in the world?


How many people have used a basketball?

basketball is played all around the world more than a million people play it :)

How many people like each basketball team?


Why is basketball so important to the world?

well it's a fun game to watch and play so many people like it!

How many people in the world play basketball?

It is my opion that although soccer is viewed by more people worldwide basketball is played by more people worldwide.

How many people play basketball in Canada in a year?

How many people play basketball

How many employees do the sport basketball have?

There are many, many teams that play basketball. No one would know the answer to this question although, world wide, it would be safe to say that there are many thousands of people employed by the sport of basketball.

Why people like basketball?

People like basketball for many reasons. 1. It is a back and forth game unlike Football and Baseball 2. A lot of people associate basketball with early childhood memories like playing in the back way with friends and family or playing pick up games or games at school. 3. Sometimes you just like what you like.

How many people was involved in basketball?

seven personels are involve in basketball

How many people play basketball worldwide?

About 30 million people play basketball worldwide

How many people like donuts?

About 732,983 people in the world like donuts.

How many basketball fans are there in the world?

a lot

Why do people like the sport of basketball?

Basketball has grown to be one of the most popular sports in the world. People like it because it is fast paced, athletic, high scoring, and full of exciting plays and moments. Many also like it because all you need is a ball and a park with a hoop to play, making it one of the cheaper sports to participate in.

Is any Basketball player Gay?

Dude, there's like... how many basketball players in the world? I'm pretty sure there's a couple that are flaming homosexuals...

How many people like demi lavoto?

MANY People around the world do.

How many people play basketball in the Philippines?

Surprisingly only 11% of people play basketball in the Philippines.

How many people play basketball in Australia?

1200036987 people play NBL basketball is this answer even right???

Many tall people play basketball well?

Yes, tall people can play basketball well.

How many Americans play Basketball?

about 1000 billion people play basketball (:

How many people is in a basketball group?

Basketball teams each have 5 players.

How many people around globe?

There are many people around the world.... like billions of people

How many people in a basketball team?


How many people played basketball?


Who is number 21 in basketball?

Many people..........