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Q: How many people in china play football?
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Do people in china play Chinese football?

No only soccer

How many people play football in France?

In France, soccer is known as football. Not many people play the American version of football in France. It is impossible to know exactly how many people play football in a given country.

Who many people play football in England?

Thousands of people play football, from all ages. Even girls play football.

Does China play soccer?

No they play football

How many people play professional football in Britain?

well we dont actually record how many people play football at any place, but im sure the number of people that play football has increase since the 1980s.

Does China play Gaelic football?

China does not have a national team or set of competions, but there are many Irish people living in China and they would have Gaelic Football clubs and have matches. There are Gaelic Football competitions for teams based in Asia, so teams from China would compete in them. Most of the players would be Irish, but there would also be a few players that are not Irish.

How many people in the United States play fantasy football?

There isn't a specific number, but very, very, very many people play fantasy football.

How many people in the world play football?

There's about 79 billion people that know about football or are related to it

How many people play on a football team?


How many people play football in England?


How many people play football in Brazil?

Most people in Brazil isn´t even interested in football, because they play soccer instead.

Do Spanish people play football?

yes Spanish people do play football

How many people have died from football?

well not a lot of people because people play football all the time

Does china play football?

Yes for sure it plays

How many people are on a football team in play?

11 people are on each team

What equipments you need to play football?

football and people to play

How many people play football in the US?

3 million

How many people play football in the UK?

well there are millonz

How many people dont play football?

20% of all Americans have not even lokked at a football

What sports do people play in Wales?

they play football rugby and many other activies

How many people play football in Australia?

Football is being played by approximately 14 157 914 people in Australia.

How many sports does China have?

there are 3 sports that china play. One of them are Baseball,Badminton,Ping Pong,Diving,Gymnastics<football(soccer).

How many countries played football in ancient times and how many countries play football today?

China played an ancient form of football. Then in 1863 the British wrote the rules and invented football. Over 200 countries play Football...and over 90% have football as their #1 sport. Spain and England are the biggest countries for football

What percentage of people play football in the UK?

how many boys play football in the uk compared to girls

What sports do Irish people play?

Many. Typical examples include Gaelic Football, football and rugby

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